Everyone has pet peeves, small or big, we all have them. this is some, not all, of the things I hate the most, ongoing list, will add as I go
  1. The word almost
    Allthough it is the longest English word with all it's letters in alphabetical order which is odly satisfying, I personally hate the use of the word almost. "I almost finished cleaning" but you havent finished cleaning so what's the point of that statement? "I almost died" Cool story but you didn't so what's your point??
  2. When TV shows change their title sequence
    No, no and no. This is the worst. I really hate when TV series pull this kinda stunt. I like consistency, for example, NCIS is 13 seasons in and they have kept it the same. As seasons go on, it is okay to change the visual part but not the overall sound and design. Allthough, this pet peeve has one exception, and that is in the TV series called 'Fringe'. This is okay because the different colours of the title sequence help indicate what universe or timeline the episode takes place in ^See^above^
  3. When people think it's okay to put the volume on a stupid number
    There is nearly nothing I hate more than when people think its okay to have the volume on a number such as 17. Like no, you contemptible little baffoon, it must be divisible by 2 or 5 otherwise it's sickening.
  4. People who believe they are "never wrong"
    Okay, so it's the type of people who won't admit defeat after you've laid out the facts. Even if they have no valid rebuttal, they still insist they are right. Its ridiculous.
  5. Cliffhangers
    Yeah, me too, I don't think anyone likes cliff hangers. Especially the ones that leave you hanging for a good 6 months between seasons or books. Like no, not cool dude.
  6. "Previously on"
    This could be different for most people, but I personally do not enjoy the "previously on" parts of a good TV series as in most cases, I've been watching the show for nine hourse straight,
  7. When people talk to you... while you have headphones in
    This should be closer to the top. If I have headphones in, it's because I am listening to music, and you can bet your ass, I rather be doing that than listen to you. I dont care if youre dying if I miss my favourite part of a song, you're dead to me anyway.
  8. People who dont understand sarcasm
    If you don't understand my sarcasm, then you probably don't understand a single thing I say because the majority of it is sarcasm.
  9. When people think deodorant is an alternative to showering
    Please just do the world a favour and shower. It's not nice to smell like a drowned rat. I swear some people believe that showering is the way the devil gets inside you, but fear not morons, for showering is completely safe and reccomended
  10. When people think it's okay to belittle others.
    As someone who was bullied for stupid things as a young child such as my left eye (I have a lazy eye and it's a different colour than my other eye), I hate seeing others get picked on and belittled by twisted little saddists. There is nothing fun about that sort of thing, I hate the types of people who judge everyone without knowing a single thing about them like "hey, that person is wearing an ugly shirt, they must be a shit person" when they're the most lovely kind hearted person on the planet
  11. Fuckboys
    Players. Dickheads. People who make you feel special by lying to you and then fucking off when they become uninterested. The ones that dont actually care about you, alll they care about is getting a shag. Like, if you dont actually legit like me like that, then dont pretend to, I don't mind, but making me feel good about myself one minute and then ripping it all away the next minute once ya got ya nudes or your pleasure. How do you even sleep at night when all you do is decieve?
  12. Slow replyers
    If I text you, its because I want you to reply reasonably quick. If I wanted you to reply a week later, I would have sent you a letter in the mail :)
  13. Excessive skipping
    Not like jumproping or leaping with a kick. I mean when people skip songs alot. See, I don't usually have a problem with it if they keep skipping, it's when people think it's conscionable to skip a song for example, in the bloody middle of it. Like no you fucking nu nu, just don't.
  14. When people change their bedrooms without warning
    I know, traumatizing right! This has happened to me twice recently... my friend recently moved all her furniture in her bedroom, and nearly caused me to have a full on seizure when I saw it! And if that wasn't enough to send me into cardiac arrest, not long later, Mum's boyfriend, Adam also changed around his furniture in his bedroom and sent me spiraling into a world of pure insanity.
  15. When people steal your food
    Like really? Is it possible for you to just watch me eat? Or do you get some prime evil thrill out of beating the other hunters to the food?
  16. Fake friends
    I cannot express my hatrid for fake friends enough!! If you dislike me, then why do you act like a friend? I rather you be an enemy that admits they hate me than for you to be a friend that secretley puts me down - and that way, it's a win win because you don't have to be around someone you dislike anyway!!
  17. People who are obsessed with the concept of "the one"
    I don't mind if you think that there is a "one true love" or whatever, it's more the people desperate to find it. They analyse every guy, and will postpone happiness if they have any doubt. To me, there is no such thing as "the one". I believe that whoever you end up with in the end is simply the best you can do. Well that's my opinion anyway.