To be honest, I love music, and have alot of favourite songs, alot of them are more towards other people but these four are ones that I would choose to represent myself. @seblefebvre
  1. Astronaut - Simple Plan
    Admittedly, we all feel like the pariah every now and then and this song explains the feeling well so this would be my theme song on those particular days
  2. Opinion Overload - another by Simple Plan
    Because when you're my age (15) and you go to highschool with a large ammount of judgemental pricks, they all have negative opinions, but I am the type of person who thinks...: "I don't give a dam if you don't approve // what part of that don't you understand?! // I'm living life exactly like I want to" And reason 2, its a kick ass song that gives people power and determination, the feeling to rise above the people with the opinions.
  3. Indestructible - Disturbed
    Because I am a badass that noone can take down 😝💪and i have "determination that is incorruptible"
  4. The last fight - Bullet For My Valentine
    Because I will always 'fight the last fight, try one last time'