Never owned a Frenchie? Here's some things you may not know! (Disclaimer - not all Frenchies fit into everything I mention)
  1. They snore.
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    Not just a little. A lot. Learn to love it.
  2. Sometimes referred to as a pig.
    Yup a pig. They wiggle their butt and snort. Easy to confuse with a pig!
  3. They sit sideways.
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    At first I thought my Ella had something wrong with her hips, then I talked to other Frenchie owners. Nothing wrong. Just a "Frenchie thing!"
  4. They like yoga stretches.
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  5. They can't scratch their back.
    Don't worry...they find ways to take care of those itches. Ella lays on the rug and rolls around. Again I thought something was wrong with her!!
  6. They can't swim.
    They are top heavy. Water and frenchies don't mix.
  7. They love to cuddle!
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    Or should I say they love your body heat. It really doesn't have to do with cuddling. They are in it for themselves, nothing to do with affection!
  8. They fart.
    No matter what diet I have her on, she farts. No way around it. They aren't pleasant at times and can clear the room!
  9. Also know as "frog dogs"
    When the lay down sometimes they have their back legs out & they resemble a frog!