Wish I could say I've mastered them. At least I recognize them & work on them everyday.
  1. Look at the positive side
    I'm a realist. I see all sides of every situation. As much as I want to think everything will workout perfectly, I get stuck thinking about every possible outcome, including the negative ones. I've been working to recognize the negative ones but focus on the positive ones. Flow my energy there.
  2. You never can be ready for anything
    You need to experience things to really truly understand them & you don't know how you'll handle things until you live through them.
  3. Don't judge
    Let's face it. Judging is a matter of survival. It's necessary. We need to judge to determine what's safe. What is the best choice for ourselves & our family? Judging people in a malicious way or negative way is what you shouldn't do. But no matter what, I believe some judging is necessary in life.
  4. You can't control everything
    Go ahead and try... You'll just be disappointed. Let it go and life will be less stressful.
  5. Worrying is wasted energy
    Yup. Just like the previous note, you can't control everything so why worry about it. You can't change it so don't waste the energy.
  6. Be comfortable in the unknown
    Catch the theme? Just let it go. Be ok not knowing. When you learn to accept things as they come, it reduces stress.