4 Musicians and 1 Surfer
  1. Known to us as "The Nunnery" in high school, it was actually a rest home for priests with an open gate all night and a stone pavilion where the making-out happened. I was in my 20's before I could lure a man to this spot. Also, a Chrysler LeBaron car commercial with Ricardo Montalban was made there.
  2. Back row of the now dead Mann Twin theatre in 1996. This was a series of date challenges, like: "Write a song for every base you want to get to" First base was awarded by me with the caveat that he had to choose the worst movie of all time so we wouldn't regret missing it. The movie was The Phantom.
  3. The El Capitan during Disney's Aladdin. I snuck a bottle of Freixenet Cordon Negro into the girls bathroom and almost lost an eye when I tried to uncork it in the handicap stall. This might seem like I was a wild teen, but I was in my 20's and the guy was in a ska band so we were basically creeps.
  4. BMW 2002, Surfer. Way past closing time. I was a PA on a Horror Movie. I had a loud alarm clock with bells on top, set to 5am because I usually slept in my car near the studio (My logic was, I got to sleep in). Mid-make out, my alarm went off. He flipped, full panic. I laughed. He left.
  5. Lying in the dirt on a locals only Griffith Park trail with a view of the 5 freeway. We thought vodka would keep the Mosquitos away so we covered our skin with what we didn't add to our Grapefruit Juice Squeeze. The freeway almost sounded like a river up there.