Inspired by like everyone. I took a lot fewer pictures than I normally do this year…
  1. January
    The previous semester we were an apartment of 5, but in January that dwindled to an apartment of 3. We each had our own room, and it was fabulous. And cold.
  2. February
    Went on a best-friend-date to Chick-fil-A (~50 minutes away from campus). She was so excited, she got two sandwiches.
  3. March
    I went to Italy (!!!) for spring break and it was incredible. This is a shot of my Lizzie McGuire moment at the Trevi fountain. Sadly, I did not meet any charming Italian singers who took me on an adventure that eventually led to the realization I was in love with my best friend. Maybe next time.
  4. April
    I graduated from college with my Bachelor of Arts in English. Summa cum laude, bitches 😽
  5. May
    My family went to Disney World for the first time since I was 11 (so, about 10 years) to celebrate 1) my graduation, 2) my parents' 30th anniversary, and 3) my oldest brother's engagement. I was super pumped. Also, we waited in longer lines for characters than we did for most rides. 🙄
  6. June
    This pic of my dog's nose is the only one I have from June so I guess it was a pretty low key month?
  7. July
    Got to be a bridesmaid in a college friend's wedding (feat. my other college friend—the three of us combined were dubbed "the furies" by one of our professors). Also went to an Orioles game and Six Flags, but this event seemed most important. 😋
  8. August
    Went to another Orioles game! This one started out with 5 home runs in the first two innings but then they still lost pretty badly because we can't have nice things. 🙃 Also I went to King's Dominion for the first time with my coworkers because our boss is the beeest.
  9. September
    My grandparents took me to Toby's dinner theater to see Sister Act. They didn't care for the first half but the second half grew on them. I took this selfie with my grandma before the show—her first one, apparently.
  10. October
    I bought my first car!!! It's a 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L and I love it. Also, I turned 22. 😁
  11. November
    My cousin got married, so all of us cousins were together at the same time for once. Had to be commemorated. I love them.
  12. December
    My mom and I drove down to St. Mary's county to visit her mom and Christmas-ify her little apartment. She has Alzheimer's and is in an independent living facility. My mom asked me to take a picture of the tree I put up/decorated for Mom-Mom.