And I haven't even left the states yet. For the record, I'm on a trip to Italy with 30+ other students from my university.
  1. If I went to the airport but didn't get any Starbucks, did I really go to the airport?
    This brought to you by the fact that a) I bought Starbucks and b) so did 90% of the rest of my group. IT'S A THING.
  2. Connecting flights are so. small.
    I've never had to fly on a plane that's specifically for connecting flights before. I legitimately didn't know airplanes came in such a small size. Definitely not the most comfortable flight of my life.
  3. JFK is so. big.
    Especially compared to Columbus airport that we flew out of. Holy cow. JFK is kind of overwhelming, and everyone is fashionable which like who has time for that???
  4. Speaking of JFK, I hope this is not a representation of what The Shake Shack really tastes like.
    I've heard lots of good things about that place but my airport experience was a disappointment. Then again, my friend was super happy with her meal, so maybe it was just me?
  5. "I'm not paying $6 for a milkshake!"
    This was said by me while standing in line at The Shake Shack.
  6. "Jamba Juice? That sounds good!"
    Me about 10 minutes later. Guess how much I paid for a small smoothie? Yea. $6. Somehow this felt more justifiable to me?
  7. Foreign travelers dress so nicely it's like effortless for them??
    Anyone I've heard speaking a language other than English has also been wearing some damn fine threads. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous.
  8. And we're getting ready to board the 8-hour flight for Italy. See you on the flip side, America!
  9. Update: "This is a very sanitary pillow" is the best thing I've overheard so far.
    Also this plane is huge. We're on total opposites today.