My mom and I went to visit my mom-mom today (about 2 hours away). She has early stages Alzheimer's, which at this point is a lot like talking to Dory. She was born and raised (and still resides) in southern Maryland, so she always has some quirky things to say. Here are just a few from today:
  1. "Y'mean?"
    Extremely shortened version of "you know what I mean?"
  2. "Some people just don't deserve for their feet to touch the ground."
    Sick burn. A little too morbid for me though. Basically, they don't deserve to walk the earth; they should be dead. Ouch.
  3. "I swear to Pete!"
    Exclaimed multiple times.
  4. "If you can't sleep in that you better just get up out the bed!"
    In reference to a pair of really soft sleep pants (which I actually would never be able to sleep in; I'd be way too hot).
  5. "I hope to goodness ______________!"
    Example: When she wasn't sure if she left her wallet in her room or not after we'd been out all day. "I hope to goodness it is!"