…by how sad I am when the episode is over—not because I'm emotional, but because I want to keep watching another ep and I can't because I have to wait. ☹️️ Limited to currently airing shows, based only on the new season. PS, tell me if I'm missing out on a show that's really great and I'll probs try it (as long as it's available on Hulu/Netflix)!
  1. 7.
    The Good Place
    This show is a little too silly and kind of slow/boring at times. The only reason I'm keeping up with it is to see what the hell is going on. Like the concept intrigues me even if I'm not enjoying it that much along the way (does that even make sense?). So this is last because half the time I'm just watching it just to get through it.
  2. 6.
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    A little forgettable so far this season, especially since it started without the usual group dynamic. The recent crossover with New Girl felt a little forced and was a bit of a flop imo.
  3. 5.
    New Girl
    Same as above tbh. This show will likely never be as good as it was in the first couple seasons, but I will always be here for Winston and Nick. And Furguson, who really needs more screen time.
  4. 4.
    The Mindy Project
    I'm a little wary of the direction this season is going, still trying to feel it out. But of these middle three (formerly) Fox comedies, this one is holding up the best. Must be thanks to Hulu. Or Mindy, lbr.
  5. 3.
    Bob's Burgers
    I binged this show last school year and loved it way more than I expected. The first ep of this season felt a little weird, but the most recent felt familiar and left me wanting more of my fav crazy family.
  6. 2.
    This Is Us
    Can you believe this show?! I mean honestly, so rude how they play with our feelings like this. Sometimes it feels a little too real, but I think that's the point: This Is (all of) Us. I am both emotionally sad and wanting-more sad when I finish an ep, but not as sad as I am with:
  7. 1.
    This show totally came out of left field (👀) for me. Like oh, great, a show about baseball, I guess I'll give it a shot because ladies. GUESS WHAT? This show is the best!!! The characters are A+, the storyline and the flashbacks always keep my interest no problem, and I want more Ginny Baker and Mike Lawson and Blip Sanders for the rest of forever. These episodes are never long enough. Never.