Because this was a weird experience that I feel the need to tell someone about…
  1. I was at Disney World, specifically Hollywood Studios
    I know what you're thinking—wtf you crying in the happiest place on earth? I KNOW.
  2. My family had been park hopping all week
    We were there to celebrate both my college graduation and my parents' 30th wedding anniversary
  3. This was our last day, and to quote my parents, it was "all about me"
    My brother and SIL had already gone home, and my other brother and his fiancée were doing their own thing, so it was just me and my parents doing whatever I wanted to do
  4. We went to Hollywood Studios specifically so I could go to "For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration"
    When we went to HS earlier in the week, my SIL had no interest in seeing this due to the likelihood of screaming children, so I decided I would just miss out, even though I'd heard it was funny
  5. We waited a long time in line for the show to start
    But since my mom was in a motorized scooter because of her bad knees, we were in a separate line and got to be seated first, all the way in the back of the theater
  6. I sat there during the show, pleased and amused but not singing along
    I was feeling a little too self conscious, especially since my parents don't know the songs, and we were the only ones in the back area, so my singing would've been obvious/noticeable
  7. NOTE: Prior to coming to this show, I had not watched Frozen or heard any of the songs in at least a year, maybe two
    This is v. important to the story/likely the reason I started crying
  8. "Let It Go" came on and all the kids went absolutely nuts
    The singing volume doubled at least
  9. I watched the screen, which was playing the scene from the movie, and read the lyrics as a little snowflake bounced over the words
    Reminder: it's been at least a year since I've heard this song (try not to be too jealous, parents)
  10. Elsa tossed her crown and let down her hair and I. LOST IT.
    I've seen this before. Why is it affecting me so much now? IDK GUYS BUT I WAS A MESS
  11. I sat in the back of this theater full of small children singing their hearts out with tears streaming down my face
    Fortunately there was no audible sobbing so my parents were none the wiser
  12. Like wow guys, Elsa is free! The weight of her secrets and expectations is gone!! She can finally be herself and not have to worry or hide or feel ashamed!!!
    I know. This is not news. But it hit me like a ton of bricks.
  13. I still wasn't singing, but damn was I FEELING IT.
  14. Shortly after this the show ended with live-action Elsa making it "snow" all over the audience as Let It Go plays again
    It was fucking magical
  15. So I walked out of the theater a few minutes later with a face that must've been at least a little blotchy, funneled into the Frozen gift shop, and told my parents the show was "pretty good"
    That was a lie; it was the best show I'd seen all week (looking at you, Lion King)
  16. And that is the story of how Frozen is still ruining my life 3 years later
    I have another reason for this but that's another list for another day