Confession: my room hasn't been cleaned at all since I moved home from college last May, and it hadn't really been decluttered very thoroughly before that either. I only made it about halfway through today, so I'll update this list as I come across more things.
  1. The mess:
    This is all that can fit in one picture, but this is the half I worked on today. It's really awful, I know.
  2. Wallet-sized yearbook photos of other people
    One was of my best friend in 3rd and 4th grade with her name, number, and address on the back, signed "To my BFF" (we haven't talked since I moved at the end of 4th grade). The other was of a girl 4+ grades below me at my private school; I think her mom gave one to everyone (it was a tiny school).
  3. Paper lanterns
    Two strands! One pink and one blue. They all work, which is pretty surprising.
  4. Green glitter lamp
    Like a lava lamp but with glitter instead. As much as I like green, this is kind of hideous. Like the base is a totally different shade than the lamp part. Also somehow still works perfectly.
  5. Two unopened packs of sillybandz
    One princess themed and one Justin Bieber themed. These used to be The Shit, and I can't believe they remained unopened. I could've traded for some seriously good bandz. 🤔
  6. A ziploc bag of other trendy bracelets
    Didn't take a pic, but it included those rubbery bracelets (like the LiveStrong ones but flimsier—one of them was bright pink and said "I ❤ BIEBER"), friendship bracelets made out of string, and bracelets made from soda tabs.
  7. This piece of writing that I THINK is supposed to be a poem?
    I am 100% sure this was written for an English assignment when I was in high school (I was homeschooled). It's laughably bad. Also my handwriting has really evolved since then, but in a way that this is still recognizable imo.
  8. A song I wrote with a friend in middle school
    I took a pic to send to her but def not posting it because it's waaay too embarrassing, you don't even want to know. 🙈
  9. A sweat-stained Penn State hat I stole from a boy I liked in high school
    My version of flirting. He strung me along for about 6 months, got me to confess I liked him, then started dating someone else the next day. Within this last year he's gotten married and had a baby. I threw the hat in the trash.
  10. The Box
    Doesn't everyone have one of these? It took a lot of willpower not to spend the next hour looking through these instead of cleaning. 👀
  11. The Mentalist-themed pins
    Basically just blown up pics of Simon Baker's face. This is not a complaint.
  12. Multiple size 6 dresses
    LOL YIKES. That is about 3 sizes ago. I don't think I will ever be a size 6 again.
  13. A pad of watercolor paper, including some Real Art
    Such talent, younger me. 😂
  14. Crazee Jumpin Beans
    This weird toy that's these small weighted plastic cylinders that, when you set them on a track, move around on their own. I took a vid of them but forgot I can't post vids here. ☹️
  15. Two envelopes of developed photos from old family vacations. Here are a few of my fav found pics:
    This is bb me circa 2006ish.
  16. A v artsy shot of my platform flip flops 😂
  17. Selfie before selfies were really a thing. Probs the most attractive photo of me in existence… 😂
  18. My food and symptom journal from 2007
    I've known for apparently 10 years now that I have IBS, but at the time, I just had all these awful stomach problems with no relief. The only way to figure out why was to track everything I ate, all the symptoms I had, and the medicine I took. The funny part is how much stuff I was eating that is now on my literal shit list. No wonder I was so sick. 🙄