Not comprehensive. Sometimes melatonin is my best friend. (I should be asleep right now.)
  1. Writing stuff in my head that I'll forget by morning
    This includes a wide range of material: list ideas/content (including this list, naturally), that cover letter I've been meaning to send, fanfic of shows I don't watch anymore. (Also, I literally haven't written fanfic in years so idk where the inspiration comes from…)
  2. Worrying about tomorrow
    Even though I know I'm supposed to let it worry about itself (sorry, Jesus).
  3. Thinking about a mistake I made at work that day
    This may or may not include me mentally drafting and re-drafting what I'll say to apologize to my boss.
  4. Sweating/feeling too hot
    Can anybody sleep when it's hot?? This is the worst, especially because I can't sleep without covers, so I sometimes end up in a lose-lose situation.
  5. Rehearsing a conversation I need to have
    Most recently, discussing a car purchase with my dad. This particular instance included me thinking a lot about the numbers I need to compile so he can stop refusing me/dragging his feet. I almost got right out of bed to write it all out.
  6. Staying awake for too long
    It gets to the point where I've passed that really sleepy period of time and have entered a second wind. Instant regret at not going to bed when I was at peak sleepy and knew this point would come.
  7. Thinking about my fears
    When I'm trying to coax my mind into dreaming, sometimes I accidentally veer into thoughts of what* I DON'T want to dream about. I then spend a stupid amount of time trying to force myself to think about something else, which is nearly impossible. I just have to let it happen naturally. *Top two subjects: spiders and eternity
  8. Absolutely nothing
    Sometimes it's a mystery and I'm unable to sleep for no reason. This is almost always when I'm hella tired and/or need to wake up early the next day. Such is life.