This is a kind of angry list, oops. To be updated as needed. || I've been working at CFA for 5 years. Our top priority in the drive thru is always speed; the DT is there to get you your food as quickly as possible, but customers often slow us down. If you want to make the DT employees (really at any fast food restaurant) happy, avoid the following:
  1. Order from the passenger seat
    LITERALLY YOU ARE THE WORST AND I HATE YOU. Most times I'll get halfway through an order where I can barely hear the person and then all of the sudden someone much closer will start ordering and I get SO MAD because it's so annoying. Especially if I've expressed that I can't hear you but you still have the passenger order because apparently you don't care about me. HOW DARE YOU.
  2. Talk on the phone
    YOU ARE ALSO THE WORST. If you're on the phone when you arrive at CFA, pull into a fucking parking spot and finish the conversation before you get in the DT line. Don't make me take your order while you whisper to (or gesture at if we're outside) me and ignore half of what I'm saying because you're trying to listen to whoever's on the phone!!! GOD, PEOPLE, IT'S NOT THAT HARD.
  3. Ask me how much something costs
    Literally all of the prices are on the menu board right in front of you; you're just being lazy, and I'm NOT HERE FOR IT.
  4. Ask me any other question whose answer is on the menu board
    "What's in your market salad?" "How many nuggets come in a meal?" "Do you still have the frosted coffee?" YOU TELL ME, IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.
  5. Yell your order
    Please, for the love of god, just speak at your usual volume. If I'm having a hard time hearing you, I'll definitely let you know.
  6. Whisper your order
    This mostly happens when we take orders outside in person, like just because you're talking to a person instead of a box doesn't mean I can hear your muttering. Please speak up!!!
  7. Pull up really far away from the speaker
    If the gap between the speaker and your car is more than a foot, I won't be able to hear you, and we'll both get very frustrated.
  8. Place multiple orders
    If you need to pay separately, GO INSIDE. But also, fast food is not that expensive so like just pay all together and figure out the rest later??? HONESTLY. Of course we'll accommodate you in the DT but just know that you are terrible and obnoxious and held up our line because it took 3x as long to process your orders.
  9. Interrupt my questions
    I get that you've been here before or you're just in a hurry but I'm required to ask you for your name and whether or not you want sauce so pls don't interrupt me.
  10. Ignore my questions
    …then come to the window and ask for stuff that we would've had all ready for you if only you'd bothered to answer me. 🙃🙃🙃
  11. Refuse to give me your name
    I once had a woman who, when I asked for her name, told me "I'm the only one here" and then drove away. Like FIRST OF ALL, BITCH, your name is so we can personalize your service, not just to keep the cars in order. Second, what the fuck do you think we're going to do, steal your identity? It's your name—not even your full name, mind you—not your SSN!!!
  12. Drive away while I'm still talking
    H8 U
  13. Say "hello?" as soon as you pull up
    If you do this I will intentionally wait before I greet you. Give me a motherfucking second to put down the drink I'm making for the person ahead of you and turn my headset on.
  14. Ask for a few minutes to look at the menu
    If you don't know what you want, go inside. Seriously.
  15. Make me hold your hand and walk you through every step of your order
    Example: instead of me having to ask, "Is your biscuit meal with bacon or sausage? … And what would you like to drink? … Any cream or sugar in your coffee? … Okay, how many? … And would you like any sauce? … Okay, how many?" you should just tell me, "I'd like a #5 sausage with coffee, 2 cream and 3 sugar, with 1 Polynesian and 4 ketchups." This saves both of us loads of time. Got it? Good.
  16. Order a meal and then, when I ask what you would like to drink, reply, "No, I don't want a drink"
  17. Tell me you don't want a meal but then order an entree, a side, and a drink/milkshake/frosted drink
    Guess what? That means you DO want a meal!!! But if you were impatiently sneering about not wanting a meal I'm gonna leave it separated and you're gonna have to pay more, sorry not sorry.
  19. Order a meal and then ask for an ice water as your drink
    Ice water is free!!! The cost of a drink is built into the meal price!!! By ordering ice water, you're canceling the meal, and I have to re-ring it as three separate items (entree, side, water). If you don't want a real drink, you don't want a meal!
  20. Pull up and open your door instead of rolling your window down
    I don't care if your window is broken or you just got them tinted, whatever. If you can't use your window, GO INSIDE. Opening the door takes extra time, you probs missed my greeting so I'll have to awkwardly give it again, and you likely haven't positioned your car right and your door is muffling your voice which means I CAN'T HEAR YOU. Pls stop.