THANKS @ GOD (and especially to @kbl2976), the timing literally could not be more perfect 😭
  1. Cute wrapping with ribbons!!!
  2. Star Wars wrapping paper!!
    So fun! Makes me want to watch Star Wars even more!!
  3. Both of the above are FAB because unwrapping presents is my fav!!! 😍
  4. So many snacks omg
    Choices stress me out sometimes but there's never a bad choice when it comes to snacks
  5. Little notes on everything 😭
    The cutest touch, omg. I loved reading these. This made me smile the most.
  6. These socks that I put on IMMEDIATELY.
    Cute and warm and perfect. 😽
  7. The good stuff for my lips/nails
    I'm terrible about taking care of my cuticles so this will be v helpful. And the chapstick!!! Perfect—I'm so excited to try the other flavors!
  8. The good stuff for my hair
    Yay for clips!!! And I use dry shampoo for my bangs all the time, so I can always use more.
  9. Kind Plus Bars
    This note is my fav of all the notes because RELEVANT. Healthy is hard so "less unhealthy" is p much my goal.
  10. The Night Circus !!!
    I haven't read this and I've heard so many good things! And the fact you sent me a book makes me want to cry a little. ❤️
  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH, @kbl2976 !!!
    You are an angel and I love everything you sent. This is a true blessing on my day/week/year. Also, you have looovely handwriting. 😘
  12. Thanks also to @amieshmamie for organizing this!
    And especially for including this fresh-out-of-college kid. ❤️