THANKS @ GOD (and especially to @kbl2976), the timing literally could not be more perfect 😭
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    Cute wrapping with ribbons!!!
  2. •
    Star Wars wrapping paper!!
    So fun! Makes me want to watch Star Wars even more!!
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    Both of the above are FAB because unwrapping presents is my fav!!! 😍
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    So many snacks omg
    Choices stress me out sometimes but there's never a bad choice when it comes to snacks
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    Little notes on everything 😭
    The cutest touch, omg. I loved reading these. This made me smile the most.
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    These socks that I put on IMMEDIATELY.
    Cute and warm and perfect. 😽
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    The good stuff for my lips/nails
    I'm terrible about taking care of my cuticles so this will be v helpful. And the chapstick!!! Perfect—I'm so excited to try the other flavors!
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    The good stuff for my hair
    Yay for clips!!! And I use dry shampoo for my bangs all the time, so I can always use more.
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    Kind Plus Bars
    This note is my fav of all the notes because RELEVANT. Healthy is hard so "less unhealthy" is p much my goal.
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    The Night Circus !!!
    I haven't read this and I've heard so many good things! And the fact you sent me a book makes me want to cry a little. ❤️
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH, @kbl2976 !!!
    You are an angel and I love everything you sent. This is a true blessing on my day/week/year. Also, you have looovely handwriting. 😘
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    Thanks also to @amieshmamie for organizing this!
    And especially for including this fresh-out-of-college kid. ❤️