Sometimes you just gotta get this stuff off your chest, y'know?
  1. I had to wake up at 6:15am
    To be at work by 7… I'm not even close to a morning person, and this was the second early wake-up call in a row
  2. The dog would not listen to meeee
    I was trying to get her to go outside and she wouldn't budge, but like c'mon man, I gotta get to work!!! I have to let you out so you don't pee in the damn house while I'm gone!!! 😒
  3. I broke a nail while putting my seatbelt on
    And couldn't go back inside to fix it or I would've been late for work (and it was a pretty significant break, too)
  4. I spilled lemonade all over my pants/the floor
    Less than an hour after I started work. I was lifting a container to bring up front, and the container beneath it fell and got all over the place. So I wasted a lot of money in product and had to clean up the floor plus walk around with lemonade pants for the rest of my 8-hour shift…
  5. I was stuck working front register all day
    I work at Chick-fil-A, and when you have a longer shift, they're supposed to split your time into different positions, but today that didn't happen, and front reg is one of the slowest spots, so my day craaaaawled
  6. One of my customers had a daddy long leg crawling on his shirt rIGHT IN FRONT OF ME
    And based on his reaction when I let him know, this was a much worse experience for me than it was for him 🙅🏻
  7. I couldn't find the retainer for my nose piercing
    So I just took my stud out for the day since CFA doesn't allow nose piercings, and by the time I got home, the hole had tightened significantly/partially closed up so that I had to force the stud back through; it was a slow and painful process (still hurts)
  8. The dog farted right next to me—TWICE
    So rude, esp after my long ass day
  9. OKAY THAT'S IT, I feel better now, thx ✌🏻️