I know I'm awkward, but please tell me you can relate.
  1. My earbud cord has to be fed through my shirt so it doesn't catch on things and rip out of my ears while running. But I have to have enough slack left out so I can turn my head.
  2. Running tights are great, but there is a thin line between too tight and them sliding down. I have to choose between long crotch and camel toe.
  3. When I'm all done on a machine and then I get up to see my sweaty ass print. I try to get the disinfectant wipes as fast as I can before someone sees the Rorschach test my ass left behind.
  4. I try to find a lonely corner in the gym to do my ab work and stretches because I made poor lunch choices and I may or may not be gassy. However, if I do in fact fart, someone ALWAYS shows up and then I have no one to blame it on
  5. Why is it that every time I need to change my bra in the locker room, someone brings her 5 children in to watch?!?