1. Dance Mud
    I heard Eric Garcetti orders takeout from here every day
  2. Sand Face
    Waiters are your elementary school teachers
  3. Ollie
    Opened up inside an old skateboard. Great grits.
  4. Pig Pig Pig Haus
    Wait can be long and they don't take reservations, so plan accordingly
  5. Food + Drink
    BYO wine (no corkage fee!), really whimsical patio with live music on the weekends
  6. Food + Drink + Ollie
    Collaboration between Timmy Chang of Food + Drink and Frida Blue-Blossom of Ollie
  7. Peanut Allergy
    Great grits
  8. The Walrus Factory
    Grits are pretty good, but the poutine really shines
  9. Veganimal
    Meat comes from animals who eat a vegan diet and live in a gated community in Calabasas. Great ribeye.
  10. The Flagberskn
    Cool Scandinavian fish drinks. I see Jenny Slate here all the time.
  11. Coffee Nope
    Great croissants, no coffee
  12. Knife + Fork
    Canteen cantina cafeteria
  13. Fork + Knife
    Mini mart with surprisingly great hot dogs
  14. Noodle Hut Public
    Thai-Oxnard fusion, but def ask for "American" spice levels or you won't be able to feel your tongue for a week
  15. Wood Leg Roof Ledge
    Pop-up third Thursday of the month, in the tile section of the Home Depot on Wilton