1. A generous billionaire who gets sentimental while flying
  2. Your future soulmate
  3. A banana
    If you get hungry, you can eat it
  4. A formerly fat person who bought two seats but has since lost a lot of weight so now your row is very spacious
  5. Brian Dunkleman
    Finally a chance to find out what happened to him!!!
  6. A DJ
    Guaranteed way to have a cool flight
  7. A chef who packed too many snacks and loves sharing
  8. A stewardess who's off duty so you can gossip about the current crew members
  9. A kid doing homework
    You'll feel so good that YOU don't have homework!
  10. An obedient dog who looks cute in photos and will fetch you extra snacks when the crew isn't looking
  11. A baby
    Controversial, I know! But at least a baby is interesting, crying or not.
  12. A person watching The Artist
    You can watch too for free cause you don't need sound
  13. Two bananas
    You can eat one if you get hungry, but not feel too guilty about it because there is still one left
  14. Me, when I brought 2 dozen just cooked Krispy Kremes on a plane from Ny to La so I could give out half on the plane and avoid a riot and still have a full dozen for my friends when I got home. That plane smelled GOOD.
    Suggested by @gilbaron