Fine print: by "during" I mean "while watching"
  1. A two-year-old girl who was so excited to see her dad run by, and then started bawling the second he ran on
  2. An entrepreneurial boy trying to sell chairs to spectators for $20
  3. Firemen dancing on top of their fire engine
  4. A mom pushing her baby through some sprinklers in a stroller
  5. A policewoman running in full police uniform
  6. This
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    Note the collared polo shirt on the male dog
  7. Strip club security guys stepping out into daylight to take in the scene
  8. The lead singer of a Doors cover band trying oh-so-hard to banter with the crowd
    He had a very Tommy Wiseau vibe
  9. A sign reading "Don't Poop"
  10. Runners pushing smiling disabled people