1. Lizards I saw: 6
  2. Lizards I managed to get a photo of: 0
  3. Piles of mammalian critter poop I saw: 3
  4. Mammalian critters I saw: 0
  5. Cool flowers I saw: 161,938 (estimate)
  6. Hours it took round trip: 2
  7. Rocks I saw that look like a smiley face spitting up dirt: 1
  8. Times I thought "This view of shrubs and sea accurately sums up Southern California better than any other view could": 15
  9. Times I thought "I'm so alone out here, I hope some bad guy doesn't come along a punch me": 6
  10. Magical fairy glens: 1
  11. Full Ludacris albums listened to: 1
  12. Minutes into the hike I saw this view: 5
  13. Minutes into the hike I saw this SPECIAL VIEW at the end of the trail: 60