1. Don't Mess with New Hampshire
    Patrick graduated at the top of his class at Harvard Business School -- and now he's stuck running an organic peanut farm headed by a wacky old couple who still think it's the 1960s.
  2. Sarah Barker, MD/PhD/DDS
    Sarah is a fiery outspoken New Yorker who won't take no for an answer... except when it comes to matters of her heart.
  3. NCIS: Pottery Barn
    The cases and lives of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Pottery Barn branch.
  4. Uh-oh!
    TV adaptation of the major motion picture "Contagion." Formerly known as "Whoopsie!"
  5. Whose Head is Bigger?
    From the producers of Shark Tank comes an intense all-out competition to determine who has the bigger head.
  6. Nerd Fight
    From the producers of Whose Head is Bigger?, America's George Clooney and the WNBA's Lisa Leslie officiate a battle of the bodies between people who normally fight with their brains.
  7. When Cheese Attacks
    From the producers of Nerd Fight, contestants face off against sentient cheese.
  8. Oh Woe
    The world is coming to an end, bringing an unlikely crew of characters face to face in an underground bunker -- a congressman, a doctor, a coal miner, a prostitute, and a guy who works at the deli counter at Ralph's.
  9. Lil' Ladies
    Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba co-star as the co-captains of an all-female police unit -- and as each other's worst nightmares.
  10. My Crazy Friend
    Samantha finally has her life in order -- she's engaged to the man of her dreams, just got promoted to the job of her dreams, and has moved into the house of her dreams -- that is, until her crazy best friend Samantha comes back from studying invasive species of hay in Uganda. Formally known as "2 Many Samanthas"
  11. It's Me Again
    A plastic surgeon's life is turned upsidedown when his best friend from preschool resurfaces... and has some shockingly dark secrets.
  12. How Did This Happen?
    When Ted and Rosie's twins go off to college, they think they're finally going to have their house all to themselves. But then a realtor sells their house without their permission -- and now they have to share it with the Shapiros!
  13. Lil' Ol' Me
    Big-city proctologist Timmy McLondon must go back to rural Alabama to save his dad's small town practice.
  14. It's Hamma Time
    Small-town country proctologist Hamma Timely-Brownley must move to New York City to help keep her dad's practice ranked number one in the city.
  15. The Poodle Files
    After a senator and his entire family disappear, the FBI must work to solve this mystery with the only witness to the crime: the family's teacup poodle, Daffodil.