1. Half chicken basket and fries from Reddi Chick
  2. Seeing the ocean from my history classroom
  3. Feeling like it's the most special thing in the world when it rains
  4. June gloom
  5. Leafy dinosaurs at the Third Street Promenade
  6. Running on the beach at basketball practice
  7. Seeing George Clooney at the doctors office
  8. Wearing skirts and shorts year-round
  9. The Farms
  10. Santa Ana winds
  11. Skies glowing red with forest fire
  12. Weekends in Santa Barbara
  13. Backyard sandbox is filled with stolen sand from the beach
  14. Franklin Elementary School Halloween carnival
  15. Montana Avenue Christmas walk
  16. Wednesday morning farmers market
  17. Not knowing that snow boots are a thing
  18. Showing different batches of relatives the same places over and over again
  19. TCBY
    RIP, my friend.