1. I am growing zucchini, green beans, and sun gold cherry tomatoes, in a bunch of containers on my building's small cement driveway.
  2. I started them from seeds.
  3. I also have some basil, thyme, and oregano, and a small cluster of almost-dead parsley that I took from my mom's garden in hopes of rehabilitating.
  4. Sometimes my neighbors' dogs have a free-for-all in my plants.
  5. Other times my neighbors park carelessly and topple over my pots.
  6. Last year, I found a web on my basil built by a spider with a red widow marking on its belly. That ended my gardening for the year.
    I don't think it was a black widow, on account of it being brown and not black. But I was too concerned to risk messing around with it.
  7. But I keep trying.
  8. Because nothing compares to the feeling when you first spot a baby green bean.
  9. Or a baby zucchini.
  10. Or the beginnings of a blossom that will someday give way to a tomato.
  11. And then sometimes, you peer behind a big leaf and discover a special secret.
  12. Like a cluster of full grown green beans, ready to harvest.
  13. I have learned so much.
  14. Like how to artificially inseminate a female zucchini blossom with a male one.
  15. And how to cut and harvest basil so it grows back even bigger.
  16. And how to not scream when an ant crawls on my arm.
  17. Sometimes I like to go downstairs and just look at my garden.
  18. Even when there's nothing in particular that my garden needs me to do.