Here are my definition guesses:
  1. Rax: Nerdy extinct cousin of the T-Rex
  2. Hew: fun breezy way to combine Hebrew + Jew
  3. Bap: what Little Bunny Foo Foo does when he's tired of bopping
  4. Lew: affectionate term for "Lewis"
  5. Wap: sound a rich person's tennis racket makes when it connects squarely with the ball
  6. Maw: "mother" with a thick Southern accent
  7. Hon: term of endearment
  8. Hin: term of hatred
  9. Sen: a wise man, but not quite at sensei level yet
  10. Res: when you say you're going to take a rest, but you're so tired you fall asleep mid-word
  11. Dun: how a dunce would spell "dunce"
  12. Gad: how cool people say "egads!"
  13. Pons: how cool people say "tampons"
  14. Fons: Miriam Webster's way of spelling "The Fonz"