I don't want to be famous. But I do aspire to be in an entourage - it comes from that natural desire to be close to those you admire, mixed with a desire for good times. My top choices, ranked.
  1. Ludacris
    I would even settle for being in his entourage's entourage.
  2. Jeremy Lin
    Could end up being a little too low-key cause he is suuuuuper religious. But on the other hand, he likes pranks, so maybe it would work out.
  3. Larry David
    I want to hear his complaints unfiltered, all the time.
  4. Uggie the Dog
    Such a talented actor, but also kinda feel like I could easily manipulate him to get whatever I want if I just keep treats on hand.
  5. Nelly
    Great performer, so sweet, caring uncle and father, nothing beats Hot in Herre, socially conscious -- it would be an absolute honor.
  6. Gina Rodriguez
    This one is probably a shoo-in because there is not a sweeter person on the planet, so she'd definitely say yes to me joining her entourage.
  7. JB Smoove
    I mean could you imagine a more fun time?
  8. Louis CK
    To be in orbit around this genius, and to feel let in on his closest secrets -- I can't even imagine
  9. Kendra Willinson
    Love her, love her family, I would knock this one out of the park. And if it doesn't work out, at the very least maybe she'd let me nanny for her kids.
  10. John Stockton
    Seems like such an old school classy guy. So classy he probably wouldn't even have an entourage. But I'm willing to found it for him.