1. Moon
  2. Murder
    Haunted house hotel, including when you're sleeping.
  3. Crossfit
  4. Lee Daniels' The Butler's The Hotel & Conference Center
    Every room comes with a butler
  5. Petting zoo
  6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  7. Trampolines
  8. Scandinavia
  9. Beyoncehaus
    Located on the top six floors of the MGM Grand, so that you're on top of the world.
  10. Jay-zzzz's
    Guaranteed a good night's sleep.
  11. Shoes
  12. Reality show
    Cameras everywhere! Employees treat you horribly to provoke you to fight them.
  13. IHOP
    Shampoo bottles look like lil syrups!
  14. Food Network
  15. World Cup
  16. America