1. All of the musical numbers in Zero Dark Thirty had to be cut for time.
  2. Samuel L. Jackson originally auditioned for the part of the basketball in Coach Carter.
  3. Tom Hanks improvised his entire role in Apollo 13.
  4. The working title of Argo was "Ruh-roh!"
  5. The iconic theme music of The Magnificent Seven was stolen from a mourning dove.
  6. Midnight in Paris is based on a short film called "2:35 PM in Tucson."
  7. Daniel Day-Lewis spent six years studying how to be a tea cup before voicing Chip in the original cut of Beauty and the Beast. Producers thought he was too convincing and ended up replaced him with 9 year old Bradley Pierce.
  8. Whiplash was originally conceived of as a silent film.
  9. George Lucas got the idea for Star Wars from his grandfather, an Italian immigrant named Star Wars Lucasina (changed to Lucas at Ellis Island).
  10. Toy Story is based on a true story that happened in Chester's Peak, Ohio, in August of 1973.
  11. Stanley Kubrick insisted that his trailer on Full Metal Jacket be filled with 33 fresh red roses every day, because Patrick Ewing, #33 on the New York Knicks, was his favorite basketball player.
  12. Toto, ET, and Secretariat are all in Uggie the dog's lineage.
  13. Meryl Streep was originally cast as Jessica Alba's role in Into the Blue.
  14. Jessica Alba was originally cast as Meryl Streep's role in Into the Woods.
  15. In the first draft of Spike Jonze's Her, the operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson was a Vitamix.