1. Various Lemonade Stands (proprietor and chef)
    I lived on a busy thoroughfare so no one ever stopped at my stands. My parents were my only customers. But that didn't stop me from trying.
  2. Babysitting Dylan
    He thought my name was Me because I would refer to myself as me
  3. Ava's Cooking Camp
    Turns out five and six year olds have much more interest in locking themselves in the bathroom than learning how to cook
  4. Jonicolemava
    Me and my friends Joni, @nikiwongie, and Emma made headbands and bags and other such crafts to sell. We didn't exactly earn a sizable amount of cash, but definitely had the best business name in modern American history.
  5. Santa Monica Mirror newspaper (weatherwoman and copy editor)
  6. College tour guide
  7. Babysitting Andrew, Annabel, and Alexandria
    They were the most wonderful children in the world. My second family.
  8. Research Assistant
    Assisted a government professor with his research on crime reduction plans for every local authority in Great Britain. Shropshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Milton Keynes, I know 'Em all.
  9. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (phone operator)
    Summer job in college. Connected Angelina Jolie to room service and gave The Shins a wake up call. Boo-ya!
  10. Angelina Frozen Yogurt
    Another summer job in college. We were right across the street from the original Pinkberry location in LA the summer it opened, so needless to say, we didn't do great business.
  11. Wallaby Yogurt Company (junior manager of purchasing and marketing)
    First real job after college. The cultures for the yogurt were kept in a -70 degree freezer, which I was terrified of and had to open several times a month for inventory. But on the bright side, 10 free cups of yogurt a week, baby!
  12. Personal assistant
    To a super cool great boss, @bjnovak
  13. The Office (writers assistant)
  14. The Mindy Project (script coordinator)
  15. Hello Ladies (script coordinator)
  16. Trophy Wife (script coordinator)
    Great job, bad title for swag, cause it's awkward to wear things that imply you think yourself a trophy wife (especially when you aren't even married)
  17. Parks & Recreation (script coordinator)
  18. Angie Tribeca (writer)
    The most fun job on the most fun show. Where else would "illegal" mean "an eagle with the flu"?!