1. Kangaroo with a basketball
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  2. My mom with a goat
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  3. Mayfield High School 50th reunion info
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    Didn't go here, and I'm only 10 years out of high school
  4. Stock photo of woman with cardboard boxes
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  5. Gross-looking food (cheese? tofu? foie gras?)
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  6. Horrifying version of Michael Myer's mask from Halloween
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  7. Stock photo of little girl either picking her nose OR shushing someone
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  8. Horse
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  9. Intense dental work in progress
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  10. Who Was Harriet Tubman?
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  11. Yogurt/Nivea
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    To be fair, I used to work in the yogurt manufacturing industry so maybe that's why this showed up
  12. Mario Lopez
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