These are my best guesses!
  1. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
    Julia Roberts is embarrassed that she wore a white dress to a wedding. She tries to smile it off, but everyone is staring at her, like "how rude!" The guests are all wearing some kind of cool glittery bracelets attached to the ceiling. Julia thinks about it -- maybe she can deflect attention from her white dress by destroying everyone's bracelets! It doesn't work, so she walks up some steps and leaves the wedding.
  2. Miss Dior Cherie
    Natalie Portman is really hungry, so hungry she's contemplating eating a bouquet of roses. But then she worries "If I eat too much, I might not be able to fit in my clothes!" So she goes for a walk to burn off some cals. On her walk she sees a man and is so hungry she's like "I'll eat him!" Then she feels bad about thinking that so she invites him to have sex with her. She eats a bottle of perfume. But the roses haunt her - she wishes she ate them earlier. So she kills herself in the bathtub.
  3. Dolce & Gabana Rose
    Scarlett Johansson contemplates redecorating her bedroom. It's just too dang girly! Her foot is itchy. She daydreams about the room's new look. But before she starts redecorating, first she needs some brain fuel, better have some strawberries!
  4. Gucci by Gucci
    James Franco is an evil recording industry mogul. The stress of his job is causing him to be constipated. He decides to get up and walk down a long hall towards the restroom -- maybe this'll be the time he poops.
  5. BOSS Jour Pour Femme
    Gwyneth Paltrow is shopping for a white blouse for her outfit for her first day in corporate America! Go get 'em Gwyneth! She settles on a gauzy white vest instead of a blouse -- that'll show 'em she's unique!