It's a big closet
  1. Dresses I wear all the time
  2. Dresses I aspire to wear but never have just the perfect occasion for
  3. Dresses for when I'm pregnant
  4. T-shirts organized by color
  5. White shirts with cat patterns
  6. Sneakers for exercising
  7. Sneakers that are uncomfortable but look cool
  8. Flats I wear frequently
  9. Flats I keep telling myself I'll wear but haven't in months
  10. Heels I know I won't ever wear but still keep 'cause ladies need heels
  11. Winter clothes I never end up needing to wear
  12. Clothes I intend to mend or alter but haven't for several years
  13. Tights with holes that I can't bring myself to throw out cause maybe one day I'll wear them for a Halloween costume or something
  14. Extra pillows for when guests come
  15. Things I've crocheted for refugees in Syria but haven't mailed yet
  16. Box of coupons
  17. Cornelius, a muppet modeled after my boyfriend