1. May 2014: I spent a couple days in Bologna, after a friend's wedding in Venice.
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  2. It was incredible.
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  3. I wanted a special piece of clothing to commemorate my trip. So when I wore it, I'd think back to Italy.
  4. As @DanM and I walked the streets of Bologna one night, I spotted the perfect shirt on display in a store window.
  5. The store was closed, so I took a photo of the shirt and the store so we'd remember where to go back the next day to buy it.
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  6. The next day, we went back and I made the purchase. I was thrilled - not only was I now the proud owner of a Special Italian Shirt, but it had a cat face on it. Perfection!
  7. July 2014: I am in Westwood with @Laura for a midnight screening of The Room.
  8. We're walking around Westwood, waiting for midnight to arrive, tired 'cause we don't normally stay up this late.
  9. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a store that's still open, so we head in to browse.
  10. Then I see something that makes my heart stop.
  11. It's my Special Italian Shirt. In Westwood. At Brandy Melville.
  12. Whoops.
  13. Damn.