This list says more about me than any other list ever could.
  1. Frozen raspberries and cherries with semi-sweet chocolate chips
    Usually at least once a day, but in a dream world I'd eat it for all three meals
  2. Gluten free bread, toasted dark, with light cream cheese and jam
    I like a nice tart jam
  3. Trader Joe's brown rice fusilli and three cheese pomodoro sauce, with kale or arugula and red pepper flakes
    I see everything in this dish solely as a vehicle for me to eat red sauce. Pasta is always fine with me, but let's be real, I'm in it for the sauce.
  4. Arugula with cider vinegar, olive oil, walnuts, Parmesan, ground pepper, and truffle salt
    I add my walnuts straight from the freezer, which adds a fun cold touch
  5. Pre-cooked brown rice with pre-cut vegetables and Trader Joe's red Thai curry sauce
    This is a lazy meal but very healthy and can be ready in four minutes of microwaving, so I eat it a lot