In no particular order (except for #1). This list will be added to. Obviously.
  1. John Mayer
    This is science. Hi @john
  2. Channing Tatum's character in Coach Carter
    Jason Lyle undoubtedly defined a generation of Soulful White Boys. Buzzcut? Check. Ill crossover? Check. Homes with Samuel L Jackon? Check.
  3. The drummer. In any band. Ever.
  4. Justin Bieber
    World domination, everybody. Don't fight the facts.
  5. The dude in the back of the class that never speaks and always has his headphones in
  6. JC Chasez
    NYSNC's unsung hero. Don't let JT distract you from JC's greatness. Those riffs?! That TLC feature where he sang about his "Timbs, baggy jeans, and thug appeal"? I rest my case.
  7. The first year A&R in Yeezys and fake prescription glasses