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  1. My friend trying to fish
  2. Joe Lo Truglio. Because why shouldn't I have a photo of him shirtless?
  3. A puppy who visited me on set and I tried to legitimately steal
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I've had it for years because it's soft and fuzzy
  1. The hat in question
  2. An electrocuted egg yolk
    This one was given to me by my best friend
  3. A blonde demonic toddler
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  1. Oscar Isaac
    I've been telling my friends about this guy since 2009. They have finally caught on.
  2. Michael Fassbender
    Wow. Just... wow
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal
    I mean...
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Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was the first day of kindergarten
  2. I was wearing pink. (I wore pink everyday up until midway through 2nd grade)
  3. I walked into the room to hear my teacher, Christine the Bean, singing a song about new shoes
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Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Sister
  2. Daughter
  3. Friend
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  1. The Dept. of Speculation
    I love everything about this book and read it all within the course of a day. And then re-read it the next day. And then read it again the day after.
  2. The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P
    This is an incredible book. Nathaniel P is an incredibly flawed yet fascinating character and it is truly admirable how Adelle Waldman gets into the head of an entitled man. I also love the character Hannah and will gladly read this book millions of times.
  3. The Glass Castle
    This is haunting and upsetting and utterly beautiful. It made me cry and think and laugh and cry again.
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  1. This Isn't About Me
    Autobiography recounting my life as shown through other people's life stories. (Very conceptual and will no doubt change soon)
  2. You Thought I Forgot?
    I will write this in my 70s and it will be about everyone within my life who has wronged me in the past. The cover will feature me looking down on the viewer. A bitter tell all, to be sure.
  3. Artfully Disheveled
    A book about my life with my James Dean-esque boyfriend living in London that takes place only in the hours after sleep.
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