1. This Isn't About Me
    Autobiography recounting my life as shown through other people's life stories. (Very conceptual and will no doubt change soon)
  2. You Thought I Forgot?
    I will write this in my 70s and it will be about everyone within my life who has wronged me in the past. The cover will feature me looking down on the viewer. A bitter tell all, to be sure.
  3. Artfully Disheveled
    A book about my life with my James Dean-esque boyfriend living in London that takes place only in the hours after sleep.
  4. Moderate Pretension
    A movie critic and an art historian fall in love.
  5. Happy Medium
    A book of love stories
  6. Glasses in the Rain
    A book of poems and lost love
  7. This Isn't For Me
    The sequel to This Isn't About Me wherein I discuss my doomed yet wonderfully picturesque relationship with a classy Frenchman (think An Education without the slight bits of creepy pedophilia)