1. Erik (5)
    has a toy chemistry set. thinks he doesn't have to wash his hands after he pees. obsessed with the ghost busters theme song. has constant nightmares about an Americas Funniest Home Videos thing he saw where a spider crawled on someone.
  2. Kalliope (5)
    she has her own record player, and listens to old spooky versions of children's stories she found on the street. can be found at the day care at the park slope food co-op. is vegetarian & doesn't eat refined sugar. takes circus classes in the summer. was once accidentally fed homemade dog food by a sitter.
  3. Atticus (3)
    thinks that anything in the future is "tomorrow," and anything in the past was "yesterday." likes salt on his pasta. wants a ninjago lego set for his fourth bday. dips his toothbrush in mouth wash before applying toothpaste.
  4. Everett (5)
    takes a "star wars class" on Tuesdays after school. doesn't like ice cream. hates all condiments. his speedy record is 47 seconds. does not like Lucas (see below).
  5. Miranda (9)
    on a basketball team at school. can make anything out of a cardboard box. has been to the new Michaels four times since it opened in March.
  6. Wyatt (5)
    makes up his own Pokemon characters, and creates trading cards. learning to speak Korean. loves his cat named Elvis. has won the Super Bowl on his iPad app 11 times.
  7. Lucas (5)
    obsessed with the minions. when he can't find a pair of shoes, he'll gladly wear two different ones. will eat all the cheese in the fridge of you do not guard it. sleeps in the top bunk with all of his toy trains.
  8. Tyler (3)
    loves chicken broth more than anything— will drink liters of it. has a light up TMNT toothbrush. was a firefighter for Halloween last year. hides in the closet when he has to poop.
  9. Luccio (8)
    loves mine craft. has a wall at home dedicated to art where he portrays bloody, gory violence. has seen nine seasons of dr who. tricked sitters into letting him eat chipotle three days in a row once and isn't allowed to have it anymore.
  10. Viva (9)
    her favorite song is "Bang, Bang" by Nancy Sinatra. She wants to work at the United Nations when she grows up.
  11. Sophie (9)
    doesn't like the scary parts of Night at the Museum— she has to mute the tv when the dinosaur comes to life. loves Hamilton. can only have soda at birthday parties.
  12. Emily (9)
    juggles a comic book in one hand, and her knitting needles in the other. also loves Hamilton. is only allowed to use nail polish at birthday parties.