1. I work at a charter school in Brooklyn Center, MN
    It's the best job in the world.
  2. Our students are 98% African American and high poverty
    You would never know about the poverty based on the permanent smiles on their faces.
  3. Our students and staff our equally dedicated to academics
    We were names a "beating the odds" school by Star Tribune in Summer 2015
  4. We are doing big things in terms of closing the achievement gap.
    Like, you have a better chance as an African American male coming to Excell Academy and learning rather than going to St. Louis Park or Minnetonka (suburbs in MN with a LOT more money and resources)
  5. Our Academic Dean works really hard with teachers and students
    We have this whole collective efficacy thing going on and it's working pretty well
  6. He is also a baller
    In basketball. Ballin Balvin.
  7. He made a video to try to raise awareness and money for our school.
  8. Share it and help make it go viral!!!!!!!!
    We started sharing it yesterday and it has over 12,000 views! You can learn more about our school here: http://www.excellacademy.dreamhosters.com