Pictures included.
  1. Chicago
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    This was our first trip together. My mother in law owned a condo here right next to Lincoln Park so we stayed there for free. It was amazing and I fell in love (with the city). We have gone several times until his mom sold her condo. I realized that traveling with Robert is the best.
  2. Key West
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    This was part of a trip we took with my mother in law and her super fun friend Lucy. I got my period here and got super drunk and spent the majority of the night hiding my cigarettes from Roberts mom. We saw the Hemingway house and it was a little gross because it was filled with cats. Robert took a drink out of a homeless mans cup which is completely out of character for him.
  3. Tulum, Mexico
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    Went for a wedding. Robert got deathly ill and we had to take an ambulance to Cancun. I had to run across a highway to a mall and use their ATM to get back to the resort. I had a great time until that happened. Robert says we can never to go back to Mexico and I don't blame him.
  4. Austin, TX
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    We went here with our friends and ate a bunch of barbecue and drank. It was awesome. The last day Robert and I went off alone and it was the best. I had a genius idea to get a tattoo and it backfired and ended up with all of us stranded and I felt so bad I cried. But other than that it was awesome.
  5. New York City
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    This was part of an east coast adventure we went on. I had an existential moment when we got here that lasted from Grand Central Station through the cab ride to our hotel. We walked everywhere and ate the best Thai food I've ever had and I thought Robert was going to propose to me (he didn't).
  6. Washington DC
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    The beginning of our east coast road trip. We walked more than we ever have before. We saw the tomb of the unknown soldier and I cried. We saw the Lincoln memorial and I cried. It was amazing.
  7. Rochester, NY
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    Roberts hometown. I've never seen him so happy. We stayed in an Airbnb for the first time and the guy was so nice it was strange. He offered us drinks when we got there and made us tikki masala which was delicious. We ate the best Mediterranean food and saw the Susan B Anthony house and went to Letchworth Park (the Grand Canyon of the East).
  8. Duluth, MN
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    This counts even though we live in Minneapolis because we stayed over night. We also took a day trip and climbed Eagle mountain (the highest point in MN).
  9. Boston, MA
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    The final stop in or east coast trip. We were kind of burnt out and I got super drunk during the day and had to go back to the hotel to lay down. The picture attached is of that.
  10. Middlebury, VT
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    Roberts grandma lives here and we visited her with Roberts dad. She lives on a legit dairy farm and we stayed in separate rooms and I tried to sneak in to Roberts room and he was terrified. My room was really scary. We also visited the Ben and Jerry factory.
  11. Miami
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    Part of a Florida trip we took. Easily one of the best times we've ever had. The Miami Heat just won the championship and so it was poppin. We went to this bar in south beach that had these performers come and dance on the bar and this girl shook her butt like I've never seen before. Roberts mom also got hit on by some very dapper looking, large, black men.
  12. Seattle, WA
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    This was where Robert proposed to me on a beach next the the Puget sound at sunset. The rest of the trip was spent exploring and gushing at each other and finding a shop that sold weed (which we smoked on a hike on an island and it was perfect).
  13. Keystone, SD
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    We went through the badlands to Mount Rushmore. It was fun and the badlands were (and still are) the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  14. Morristown, NJ
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    We stopped here after going to Baltimore to visit Roberts friend on our east coast trip. We weren't there long but we went to the bar and ate delicious food and in the morning I had my first taste of an east coast bagel (I got one in NY too (there's more cream cheese than bagel and it's awesome)).
  15. Lincoln, NE
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    Roberts other grandma lives here. We slept in the living room of her apartment at a retirement home in his and her blow up mattresses. I love Roberts grandma very much and have come to think of her as my own so it was wonderful. His aunt and uncle are like crazy weird cool people. His uncle is a chemist professor who was asked to be a consult to the writers of breaking bad due to his book he wrote entitle Chemistry in the Movies (he turned it down). His aunt is an actual legit artist.
  16. Buffalo, NY
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    Stopped here on the way to Niagara Falls. Ate buffalo wings and saw and a Lloyd Wright house. It was the first time we ever rented a car on vacation and so we explored a lot at night and it was really amazing.
  17. Brookings, SD
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    Last but not least, Danceland. We go here every year with our friends. One of our friends aunt owns this bar/ campground where this annual carp tournament is held and we go and tent and get super drunk and smoke a bunch of cigarettes and then at night we have a real dance party on this big slab of concrete in front of the lake. Our friends parents hook up this big stereo and it is so much fun.