After writing this list I think I need to clarify that I'm happily married thankyouverymuch.
  1. Ron Weasley
    He was funnier than Harry and I identified with Hermoine more than Ginny. He also was a total git at times which is endearing to me.
  2. Jim Halpert
    Pam, you don't deserve him.
  3. Gale Hawthorne
    I legit still think about him and our love story. We both won tickets to a trip around the world and he sits next to me at orientation. I am reading a book and he asks me about it. Then there are several scenes with sexual tension and we end up together in Greece but we have to hide our love from everyone because it's forbidden....
  4. Wes from The Truth About Forever
    This one got a little too real for me and I thought I would meet my own Wes with a hand-in-heart tattoo and our communication would be off and I would think he was going back out with his girlfriend when in fact he was breaking up with her to be with me and when I confronted him I would punch his chest with both fists and he would grab my wrists....
  5. Step Up Channing Tatum
    Bad boy hip hop dancer. In this fantasy I can't dance and it pans out more like Save The Last Dance with him teaching me to dance as a sort of community service for something bad ass he did.
  6. Blaine from Glee
    Except he's not gay but still sings things to me all the time including Teenage Dream and I can sing too and we do duets from the Rumors album except they don't mean anything about our relationship we are doing it more ironically.
  7. The human Casper from the 1995 Casper with Christina Ricci
    "Can I keep you?" YAAAAASSS Devon Sawa please stay human.
  8. Missy's brother from Bring It On
    Wow this guy is the perfect amount of hard to get that just makes me want him to be my boyfriend so much more. The last scene where he grabs Kirsten Dunst after they get second place and kisses her just makes cartoon hearts come out of my eyeballs.
  9. Justin Timberlake
  10. Ted Mosby
    Haha just kidding Ted Mosby sucks.