1. It was 2006 and I just moved into a duplex with my best friends.
    Upon the showing of this unit we discovered there were boys that lived downstairs. This unit was disgusting, the floor was uneven, the stairs going up to the top flow were a death trap and there were squirrels living in the wall. We were debating between this unit, and a different 100% way nicer unit that was significantly cheaper. But there were boys that lived downstairs!!! We were sold.
  2. We spent some time stalking the boys
    We had to get in eventually, as our washer/dryer was there, but we were nervous. We knew they had parties and we wanted to go. I don't remember how it happened but we met them and they invited us to a party.
  3. Their unit was worse.
    THEIR KITCHEN WAS CARPETED! And boys are gross. They also often lit Everclear on fire on their stove so there was a lot of scorch marks. And it smelled weird.
  4. We quickly became friends with Adam, Steven and Parks.
    And there friends as well. They called me upstairs Amy and it was awesome. We drank a bunch and all got awkwardly hit on by Parks (we still use the term "getting Parked" to this day). Robert was Parks' best friend and he would talk about him all the time so we were like we need to meet this guy but he was on vacation in New York or something.
  5. They were having a big huge holiday party and we were pumped as we were finally going to meet Robert
    I wore a nice sweater and I just figured out to do my makeup a bit better than I had been before. My hair was coming out of a botched perm (thank god) and it was cut in this super cute bob (to get rid of the botched perm ends). I walked down to the basement and into the beer pong room and he was playing beer pong with Parks. I saw him and he smiled at me and he was so so handsome and his smile lit up the room. I forgot where I was for a moment.
  6. I had a boyfriend
    His name was Neil and he was fine. We had been together for over a year but he was still in high school (I had graduated the year before). Things were weird because it felt like Neil and I were kind of drifting apart due to my new fake college lifestyle (I didn't go to college but I lived in a college duplex and drank like I was in a sorority).
  7. Robert and I talked all night.
    We became beer pong partners which began the still going career of "team we lost because of Robert". We laughed and he made the most hilarious jokes that few others thought were funny. I told him I was going to visit my sister who was teaching abroad in Korea. I told him I was nervous traveling by myself and he said I would be fine because I seemed tougher than average. I said inappropriate things to him when I was super drunk but he didn't hold it against me.
  8. I went to Korea
    I thought of him a couple times, but not in the lovey sort of way just like "oh Robert would think this is funny". I still had a boyfriend and we were arguing a lot more and I felt like we were growing apart. In hindsight, I probably was finding reasons to break up with him because I was living la vida loca.
  9. When I got back I broke up with my boyfriend.
    It sucked bad. We were both really upset and he had already got me a Valentines gift and it just sucked.
  10. I was sad for like 3 days and then that was it.
    I talked to Robert a lot and talked to my friends about him and it was clear.
  11. Valentine's Day came
    Robert and Parks were going to a metal show. The rest of us in the house were watching movies and making dinner. They were going to come back and drink after the show. Their show ended up getting canceled and Robert called to tell me they were coming back now and I was so excited and out make up on and he seemed way excited and not disappointed one of his favorite bands shows got cancelled.
  12. We sat next to each other on the futon and held hands under a blanket
    Oh my gawwd it was amazing. This was the first guy that likes me that was so 3rd party to who I was. He just freaking met me and I only had dated guys I knew and grew up with. The only judgements he had about me was only what I gave him and not what I had done in the past or that mutual friends had told him. And he still smiled at me like I was the only person in the room!
  13. The next day I asked him to dinner
    We went to Sawatdee and I got the hottest pad thai to try to prove my manliness or something and drank like a hundred glasses of water.
  14. Thus began a 3 month dating period.
    We had fun. We went on dates and went to parties and planned a weekend in Chicago. It moved fast.
  15. Too fast!
    I think we both freaked out a but and then I broke up with him because he seemed judgmental about my lifestyle (he wasn't) and yeah.
  16. But we were still friends!
    He borrowed me the deposit for this kick ass house on university we moved into. The duplex merged into one plus Robert. We threw like actual parties where more than 100 people were there. Crazy things happened. We both dated other people.
  17. Then I grew broke and moved home
    Like fucking broke. I couldn't afford it. I spent so much money. Ugh. It was 2008 and I was back home.
  18. We didn't really talk for a couple years
    Sometimes we would see each other. I texted him when Bruce Springsteen played the Super Bowl because he loves him. He came to my 21st birthday in Aug. I didn't see him again til my friend Emily's 22nd birthday in May, I asked him to watch my purse and then immediately came back to apologize because that is so fucking rude. I'm still ashamed about it. He wasn't upset but brushed me off a bit. I'm pretty sure he was trying to get with this super hot girl that night but we've never talked about it.
  19. I text him later that week
    I apologized again about my bitch ass purse thing and said I thought it was too bad we couldn't talk more. He agreed and we started texting a bit about our lives now and such. The texting went from once or twice a week til every other day. I had broken up with my boyfriend. I saw him at a bar and he put his hand on my back briefly and would grab my elbow when we walked through the crowd and smoked a cigarette to impress me. He turned green and I guess puked later.
  20. I went to his house during the Fourth of July
    I even drove to Wisconsin to get beer. He held my hand under the table. We talked about what we were doing with our lives. I worked at Wells Fargo and he had got q software engineering job at Thomsen Reuters. I told him I wanted to go to school and he said that I should.
  21. He went to my birthday at Mayslacks in August
    He brought some of his friends and it was awesome and we all talked and laughed and it was the best. I invited him that night to a friends show at Gasthoffs the next day. He came and we kissed in the parking lot.
  22. He went camping in Danceland and texted me the whole time
    There's this big dance there and he said he wished he was dancing with me. He came back and asked me on a date to Groveland Tap. He left his wallet at home and we talked about The Simpsons and laughed and I talked more seriously of going to college. He talked about his parents and how work was going and how excited he was for his band.
  23. We became exclusive November 14th, 2010
    6 days after his birthday. I skipped the stairs of his apartment when we decided that and did 100 more times after that. I started school. I went through a literal tornado. I moved to Maple Grove with my parents. We went on a dozen trips. He helped me with my math. I learned how to cook. He moved apartments a few times. We went to weddings together, to his grandmas houses for weekends. We laughed and cried together, experienced death of a loved one, we danced alone to no music in the kitchen.
  24. We decided to move in together
    I was working full time and going to school full time and we looked at a couple apartments and they looked so small and we had a lot of stuff. He was ready to buy a house. I was nervous because although I worked full time, I didn't make enough money for a house but we worked it out. We moved in to a house in NE Minneapolis (4 blocks from my sister)!
  25. We lived together for a year and a half
    We both knew we wanted to get married but I was getting really antsy. We had been together (from the date of exclusivity) for 4 years. I was a semester away from graduating college. He told me we should go to Chicago for our 4 year anniversary and at the airport he handed me my ticket and it said Seattle (somewhere I had been wanting to go).
  26. I was confused and thought it was a layover
    Which doesn't make any sense. We got there and went all over. We made plans to see the sunset on a beach in the Puget Sound. He was acting weird but I didn't notice it at the time. He proposed on the beach and I felt like I could fly.
  27. We got married September 5th, 2015!
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    And I still love him more everyday.