Thanks @ListPrompts I had a really weird dream last night
  1. I was in this hallway with my coworker Mr. Davison and he had this syringe with something in it that would kill someone
    I work at a school so it's normal for me to call him Mr. Davison
  2. There was this other person in the hallway he was going to kill
  3. I also had a syringe filled with something that would knock a person out
    So I knocked Mr. Davison out so he wouldn't kill the other person
  4. I was dragging Davison to my car and suddenly his body started getting smaller
    Til he had a baby body. But his head was the same. He has a fairly large head so this was comical.
  5. I put his baby body/ big head into this canvas tote bag and put the bag on the passenger seat of my car
  6. I drove to a softball field where other coworkers were playing softball and started carrying the bag with Davison in it but his body began to get bigger so I had to drag him
  7. Everyone was like "what's wrong with Mr. Davison?" And I was like oh he's fine
  8. I then propped his knocked out body up against the fence behind home plate and that was that.
    I told Davison this today and he didn't judge me.