In order to qualify for this list I will have needed to watch these movies at least 5 times.
  1. A League of Their Own
    There's no crying in baseball! Where is Geena Davis now?!
  2. E.T.
    Omg the scene where ET runs into the refrigerator door cracks me up so much.
  3. The Dark Knight
    My absolute favorite movie. Every scene is thrilling and it's so long but feels so short.
  4. Now and Then
    I will pause this movie to try to see Devin Sawa's penis every time I watch it.
  5. Dirty Dancing
    This movie was HOT and will always be. When Baby carried the watermelons (a joke I often used when I worked at a grocery store that no one got) and everyone was in there just grindin definitely stirred my sexual awakenings.
  6. Labyrinth
    I can recite so many parts of this movie. What a freaking weird movie that I loved the first time I saw it.
  7. It's a Wonderful Life
    Reminds me of my sister and makes me so happy every time I see it. My tears begin at "my mouths bleedin Bert!" And then when he says "Well what'd ya know about that!"
  8. Sandlot
    Another very quotable movie. My favorite scene is when they play the other team and Ham is talkin shit to all the batters. My other favorite scene is when they eat the chew and vom all over the place. Classic.
  9. Stand By Me
    I remember the first time I saw this movie and j understood they were searching for the body of a boy but the story along the way is so great and made me forget and then they find the boy and he really looks like a dead kid and I think it traumatized me for a bit.
  10. The Lion King
    Truly the greatest Disney movie. I lip synced to "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" at a Eagles club show in 1996. It was weird that they dedicated a talent show to lip-syncing but It is still one of the things I am most proud of. This movie will forever remind me of my dad and I love it so much.