1. Stop smoking
    This has been my resolution for the last ohhh... 6 years and I was successful one year for about 8 months.
  2. Stop eating crap
    My husband is gone so I literally ate Burger King, ramen and 3 cokes today.
  3. Exercise
    I hate exercising. It's the worst. However, I hear you only get one body a lifetime so it would be useful to take care of it. Also I want to look like a European goddess when I go on my honeymoon in June.
  4. Write
    The list app is helping with this. In my dream world I am a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and I live in Seattle with my husband and travel all the time. I have some short stories in the works and three finished pieces and I NEED TO WRITE MORE IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK
  5. Read
    This will be fairly easy because I feel like I average 3 books a month. I like to read more than anything else.
  6. Fix the Zu
    Zuzu is my doggie and she has a bad skin allergy but we are going to the University of MN tomorrow to see what we can do about it. She is my baby.
  7. Finish X Files
    Goddamn Mulder you sexy beast start making some sense and pull your weight in this partnership!
  8. Do more outdoorsy things
    I actually really like outside and I could use more time in it. It's also free.
  9. Not leave all my laundry til Sunday
    Ughhhhhh laundrrrryyy amirite?
  10. Be better at my job
    I want to learn more and do more stuff. I work as a substitute teacher and I teach a language arts enrichment class and I want to be better at it.
  11. Apply to grad school
    I'm definitely doing this.