I closed my eyes and scrolled.
  1. The sleeping Zu
  2. I had to remember the beer sampler we got at The State Fair
  3. My boo and my doggie lovin on us in the morn.
  4. Little baby Sydney (my niece)
  5. A hike, I believe.
  6. The greatest day(s) I've ever had at my bachelorette
  7. Omg. This little girl came into my work once and was like wanna see my dance routine and this is the pose she ended it in so I sent this photo to my coworker years later and we still laughed.
  8. A little baby waterfall
  9. A sweet Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo, NY
  10. Robert, the stud, in his all white groomsman tux for Mexico
  11. I don't know what is happening here. I'm getting some love from Paula that's for sure
  12. My wedding dress!
  13. The lights from the Pearl Jam show when they did Imagine
  14. My little monkey, again so small.
  15. Inside the Library of Congress
  16. Me! When I cut my bangs for the first and last time in my adult life.
  17. Mexico pre Roberts demise.
  18. A meme I got from a friend for my bach
  19. Another baby Syd
  20. A hot little number I was going to buy for a wedding but I couldn't sit comfortably in it.