I was looking through my pictures and found I take a lot of selfies but I can't take myself seriously to look good in them so I just (mostly) make weird faces.
  1. Me! With rash.
  2. Me! Hair all crazy.
  3. Me! With lots of makeup on.
  4. Me! In shock.
  5. Me! The night before my wedding.
  6. Me! Ready to be beautayfulllll
  7. Me! Stayin' hydrated
  8. Me! Attack of the veil.
    Ps that veil or face piece or whatever it's called cost like $300
  9. Me! Buffalo wing biting.
  10. Me! Child chef hat wearing.
  11. Me! Confused with bangs.
  12. Me! There's something about Mary bangin'
  13. Me! With a face I make most often.
  14. Me! Makeup game on point
  15. Me! Drunk with a duck.
  16. Me! Surprisingly good at archery
  17. Me! In a surprisingly decent selfie.
  18. Me! Drunk on New Years wearing an aquarium painting around my neck
    I also am in the bathroom.
  19. Me! Right now