1. Ramen Noodles
    I could eat two packages of those bitches twice a day.
  2. School
    Getting graded is satisfying. I wish my job would grade me in a A-F grading system.
  3. Seeing my friends all the time
    When I was age 14-22 I saw my friends ALL THE TIME. Everyday. Or at least I talked to them everyday. Now I'm married and I have a job and shit.
  4. Living in North Minneapolis
    I really just miss the feeling of being somewhere I have been for most of my life. Like it is mine and it is where I belong(ed).
  5. Being on my parents health insurance
    Shit is expensive.
  6. Feeling healthy
    I have felt shitty in the health department for the last year in terms of overall wellness and it is getting to be damn depressing.
  7. Reading every night
    I would literally read a part of Harry Potter every night or read some of a new book every night when I lived with my parents and now I feel so goddamn tired before bed I just look at my phone.
  8. Going to North Dakota
    My grandparents lived in North Dakota and they passed away quite a while ago. I always had a great time there and I didn't ever realize how much I would relish in the memories I have of being there.
  9. This list is depressing
    I'm going to make a happy list next.