My sister @ahillestad is a great list topic and this is probably the first of many lists I make about her.
  1. When Sydney, my niece was born
    When I saw her she had a permanent smile on her face like she didn't just give freaking child birth. I asked if I could post a picture of Sydney to Facebook and she said "Yes! Show her off!" She was so happy I could see it radiating off her like friggin sunbeams or some shit.
  2. When I stepped off the plane to see her in Korea
    She was waiting at the exit and she made a sign that said "Welcome to Korea Amy" that I think I left in the taxi. She hugged me so hard and held me so tight.
  3. When my nephew, Flynn was born
    Still the same permanent smile as with Sydney. Still so proud and so happy for her family. I remember he was getting cold and the nurse said he need body contact and she said "Ooo, I love that" and took him and kissed him over and over.
  4. On her 21st birthday
    It was at Mady's bowling alley and she bowled on a league there where they held a potluck for her. There was a giant cake with her baby picture on it and she ran down the stairs and on down to one of the last alleys with her fists in the air.
  5. When she married Scotty
    I will forever admire her for throwing the most beautiful backyard wedding on a budget. The whole day she was excited and beaming and when she got up to Scotty you could just see in her that this was the best and greatest decision she could ever make.
  6. At my bachelorette party
    She was fucking pumped to get her party on and she wanted it to be the best time ever for me and she said so many nice things to me laying in our shared bed at 6 AM. She was a proud, party animal that danced with me to My Girl and we both laughed and laughed and cried tears of joy.
  7. When she got her first car
    She bought my cousin Kristin's car and I went with her to pick it up at my Uncle Ronnie's. She was so proud of herself and excited to have this new kind of freedom that I didn't understand at the time.
  8. Anytime she is with her children
    Goddamn I never thought someone could love something so much. She only has good things to say about being a mother and I know she is so thankful for her family. She makes me excited to be a mom someday.
  9. The last day of school
    She is a fantastic teacher but when those busses rolled away she threw her fists in the air and yelled "Let's go to the bar!"
  10. When she moved into her own apartment after getting divorced
    Now, she wasn't happy about the divorce at all, but she took care of herself in a way I don't think she has ever done before. Her independence and freedom I envied and you could easily tell in her that she found this happiness she didn't know existed.
  11. When she is with her friends
    She has the greatest friends in the world and she has had them since high school. Whenever they are together there is only laughter, except when they are tears and they are usually happy tears but if they are not it still is kind of happy you can cry with your friend dontcha think?