1. The Simpsons
    My husband Robert got sick and was out of work for almost two weeks. He started at season 2 and now we are on 6. The Simpsons is so hilarious and it is fun to ask each other Simpson related questions like, if you had to get rid of Moe or Apu who would it be? Who is hotter, Troy McClure or Bart's "big brother"? Don't you think Marge should divorce Homer?
  2. Bobs burgers
    Dear God this show is friggin hilarious and I hope my family grows up to be just like this family. I hope I have a daughter just like Tina who loves butts and has all the confidence in the world. If you haven't watched it you should.
  3. Once Upon A Time
    In all seriousness, this might be my favorite prime time tv show ever.
  4. The Last Man On Earth
    I love/hate this show. Mostly hate because the main character is so annoying. But I keep coming back.
  5. X-Files
    Fucking love X-Files now that am I an adult and am not scared of everything. The only downside is that sometimes it is disgusting. Robert and I watched an episode about an family born from incest and there was some graphic scenes and we couldn't eat our tacos. We ordered pizza. Also I would like to punch Mulder in the face because HE DOES NO WORK AND SCULLY DOES EVERYTHING MULDER YOU LAZY JERK