1. Theosophists
    Love because it's so hard to say out loud
  2. WKFL Fountain of the World / The barefoot boys of Simi Valley
    Wisdom Knowledge Faith Love (always have to look that up) -- http://bit.ly/1TPjeDq
  3. The Source
    Mashed yeast 4ever
  4. Krotona
  5. New Thought
    So simple
  6. Osho
  7. Moonies
    Fun fact: the former HQ of the Unification Church Sun Myung Moon recruitment center is now the (inexplicably popular) brunch locale Alcove in Los Feliz
  8. The Blackburn Cult
    Now a Wells Fargo, formerly murder den
  9. Children of God aka The Family aka The Family of Love aka The Family International
  10. Symbionese Liberation Army
  11. Synanon
    Sounds like cinnamon
  12. Cafe "Landmark Forum" Gratitude